How Our Films Work:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

Elements of Heat:

UV: 2%

Ultraviolet Radiation is not a significant contributor to heat. However, we all know the damaging effects it can have on our skin. Frequent driving can lead to accelerated photo-aging as well as increase the possibility of Skin Cancer. All of our films provide a 99% barrier to this damaging radiation.

Visible Light: 49%

Visible Light is the light you see. It carries significant heat with it. And for some, it also brings annoying glare. We have a wide range of shades that can reduce glare and manage this wavelength.

Near Infrared: 49%

You don’t see it, but you certainly feel it. Infra-red energy is the other significant source of heat. We have films that can practically eliminate this solar component. And unlike many films on the market, we attack the full range - not just a small portion.

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